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Who tried our food - Red Coral catering
red coral catering sofia

     Who tried our food?

Red Coral works mostly with film productions and because of that we have had the amazing opportunity to serve many famous people as part of the catering or craft service of a production. Here are some of the most popular actors that tried our food:

Gerard Butler
Salma Hayek
Adrien Brody
Mel Gibson
Pierce Brosnan
Jason Statham
Bruce Willis
Colin Farrell
Chuck Norris
Martin Sheen
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Harrison Ford
Dolph Lundgren
Jet Li
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Sylvester Stallone
Christian Slater
Kellan Lutz
Shane West
Ving Rhames
Mark Strong
Ed Harris
Scott Adkins
Eva Green
Bryan Smith
Donald Sutherland
John Schneider
Terry Crews
Take a look at our pictures with them!

red coral catering sofia

red coral catering sofia

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